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Assistant Manager of Maintenance and Service

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is seeking a Assistant Manager of Maintenance and Service to, during off shift periods, assists in managing, coordinating, and monitoring fleet maintenance, service delivery and administration activities for Port Authority of Allegheny County d/b/a Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) to ensure safe and reliable fleet operations. Assists with the development and implementation of maintenance work standards. Assists in implementing and monitoring standardized administrati See more...

Associate Insurance Administrator

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is seeking a Associate Insurance Administrator to assist the Insurance Administrator in all aspects of overseeing administration of first party property, casualty services, data entry, filing, and other third-party services required to protect the interest of and mitigate the financial and liability risks of the Port Authority of Allegheny County d/b/a Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT). Assists Insurance Administrator in compiling and assimilating pertinent informatio See more...

Associate Internal Auditor

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is seeking a Associate Internal Auditor to plan and execute moderately complex audit assignments for Port Authority of Allegheny County d/b/a Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT). Conducts reviews of portions of extensive audit assignments, prepares work papers to document audit procedures, findings, and recommendations in accordance with recognized professional standards. Makes material contributions to the report of audit findings, including the development of recommen See more...

Automotive Mechanic

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is seeking an Automotive Mechanic to perform a variety of inspection and repair procedures on revenue and non-revenue equipment or vehicles. Carry out predetermined inspections including but not limited to Wheelchair, A/C and Pennsylvania State Inspections. Troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning equipment or systems on equipment or vehicles. Weld or cut metal parts. Perform functions of an Automotive Repairperson.
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Working at Pittsburgh Regional Transit

Join Pittsburgh Regional Transit and help us fulfill our commitment to provide safe, reliable and affordable public transportation throughout Allegheny County. We rely on a wide range of people and skills – areas such as Engineering, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Bus Mechanics, Facilities Maintenance, Train Operations, and Customer Service are just some of the career options available here at PRT.

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Now Hiring Bus Drivers

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Pittsburgh Regional Transit is now accepting resumes of candidates interested in Bus Operator positions. Click here for more details.

• Competitive Compensation
• Paid Vacation
• Health Insurance
• Dental / Vision
• 457(b) / 401(a) Deferred Compensation
• Wellness Incentives
Equity and Inclusion

Pittsburgh Regional Transit fosters a culture of belonging, innovation, and mutual respect by appreciating the importance of diversity and inclusion. We acknowledge that the collective and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of our employees contribute to our overall commitment to provide safe and reliable transportation to our community.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, ancestry, or disability.

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